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Who is Cull Hunt

Bryan Martin - Professional Hunter, Guide, Owner Operator of Asian Mountain Outfitters and Canadian Mountain Outfitters.  Bryan has hunted all over the world and participated in several cull hunts in Africa and Australia.  Bryan is involved in many areas of professional hunting.  He has specialized knowledge in many areas of the world and especially in mountain hunting in often icy and snowy conditions.


Theo Rossouw - African PH and South African Rancher.  Theo operates a a working ranch and hunting operation, Jakavula Safaris, 2.5 hours from Johannesburg South Africa.  He works with many other hunting operators and landowners throughout Namibia and South Africa.  Bryan has sent hunters to Theo several times and has known him for over 13 years.


Jeff Jamison - Wildlife and Fishery Biologist, and hunter.  Jeff has traveled/hunted with Bryan several times as a videographer and is an avid shooter and hunter.  He has traveled and hunted internationally and has a wide experience in the field.  From living and working on Japanese fishing boats in the Bering Sea to helping pack animals out of the Canadian wilderness.  A successful fisherman, Jeff has been on numerous Long-Range fishing trips at sea up to 10 days, as well as hunting fish from a kayak off shore.  Jeff has taken North American big game with rifle, shotgun, handgun, and archery.  One of his favorite pastimes is shrimping and "Flounder gigging", a certified beach bum and Bon Vivant.

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