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Cull Hunting & Conservation
on The African Continent

Welcome to Cull Hunt and Cull Hunt Africa.  We have arranged for small groups of cull hunters to participate in necessary cull hunts on large tracts of land. Desired cull hunters will possess an acute ability to shoot accurately and efficiently. All game animals MUST be recovered for trucking to processing facilities. Participating cull hunters may need to actually get their hands dirty in the bush and help load an animal on occasion. Parties need to be able to shoot accurately to 400 yards and place shots quickly. This is not something participants should attempt to improve their shooting skills. One needs to possess the necessary shooting skills beforehand. What one CAN gain from this though is actual real world bullet performance on Wild game, both short distance and long distance. Trigger time on wild animals is something all hunters need. The ability to shoot accurately may need to be verified BEFORE being accepted to participate in these cull hunts.

Cull hunters will be responsible for culling 30 animals. Including Baboon, Blesbok, Impala, and Warthog.

Hunters will hunt with a PH for every 2 hunters and one tracker / recovery person in typical bush vehicles. ALL animals MUST be recovered and delivered for processing.

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